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The IP address is used in the D-Link, Netgear and Linksys routers. That IP address is used as default IP address and with the IP address you can log in to the router for enabling the device for internet and Wi-Fi setup. You can use the IP address for security and checking the connection between router and the computer. You can check the connectivity with the IP address with ping command. There are two types of ping command. For checking routers D-Link, Netgear and Linksys, you need to use “ping” or “ping -t”. If you do not know the default IP address of those devices, then you can use “ipconfig” command. Know the IP address from the default getaway. You can run the CMD or Command Promote from the start menu and use the ping command to check connection.
For checking router becomes easier with the ping command with the IP address. For checking D-Link, Netgear and Linksys routers, you need to use “ping” command or “ping -t”. If you need to use ping command once then you can use this command “ping” and it is called a ping. If you need to use ping command “ping” again and again, then you should use continuous ping command “ping -t”. The command will start the continuation of the process and this process will not end until someone does not give the command to stop the process. However, for using the command, you need to use Command prompt and you can start it from Start menu of your computer. Click on the “Run” button and type “CMD” and hit on the Enter button. Command Prompt will run and on the command page, you have to type the ping command.
The continuous ping will start with the command “ping -t” and hit enter button. Then the process will run and keep you give you update information in every second. The process will be continuous and you can stop the process by pause or cancel. For Pause, you need to press CTL + Break key from keyboard. Then you will see summery and you can get last status of the ping. Again the process will start auto. If you want to cancel the process, then you need to press on the key CTL + C from the keyboard. Now you will see the summery and the process will end here. The process will not continue after the break auto. You can press CTL + Break from keyboard as you want.
The continuous ping command is used for identify the problem and for saving time, the experts prefer to use ping -t. It is better than the If you do not get good output from ping, then you need to use Ping -t. So, you can easily identify the problem and solve the problem quick. The D-Link, Linksys, Netgear and TP-Link routers use IP address and your Ping command “Ping -t” is used those routers. The addition -t with the ping made the continuation of the IP address and you can identify the problem fast.
Both ping commands Ping -t and Ping are important. You can try Ping first but for saving time you can use Ping You will get 4 packets data information but that must not be enough. When continuous ping runs, then you will see continuous result for the continuous ping. On the continuous result, you may see different things and you need to know all of the things about. Then you can identify the problem and solution of router. From the computer, you can see data receiving and sending response time.
Continues ping command send continue report and you can get “reply from, byte=, time=, TTL=” for the IP address “Request timed out” message and “…. Request timed out: Destination host unreachable”. There are different reasons to get those messages.
The message “reply from, byte=, time=, TTL=” is available for the getting connection or reply from the router. It means that the router can send and receive data from computer package. So, the connection is currently ok.
The message “Request timed out” is shown when the connection is unreachable. You can ping with the website address to check the internet connectivity. If you get same message, then internet is not available.
“…. Request timed out: Destination host unreachable” message is shown when the router with the IP address is not available or unreachable. You can check all of the cable connection and check power cable to identify the problem. “Unknown host” may come for the similar type problem.
You can check the router in other computer. You need to connect the router with other computer and check the connectivity with the same ping command with IP “ping -t”. Now you can identify the problem router and find the solution of the router. If the router has been working properly, then your computer may have any problem. If the router is not working on other computer too, you need to contact with vendor. If the computer is the cause of problem, then you should check the computer with antivirus and check the firewall. Sometimes firewall blocks the IP address.
When you break or cancel the continuous ping “ping -t”, the you will get summery. The summery explains many things like send, received and lost data. So, you can identify the connection status. Usually, data send and receive are remain same but Lost is used for different reasons. If you see Lost = 0%, then your connection is ok completely. If Lost -100%, the network connection is not available and you cannot use connection. In this case, you should check hardware, computer and cable. If Lost = 55% or more or less, then your interment connection is not stable. It is going up and down. Contact with vendor or ISP to discuss about this problem. It is very easy to identify and bring the solution so quick. Check the firewall and use update antivirus for solving the problem.
So, you already understand the demand and importance of “ping 192.168.1 -t” command. You can read the router manual and read the instruction. Without the “ping 192.168.1 -t” it is not easy to identify the problem. You should check and recheck both computer and router. Before talking with the vendor or customer care, you should try to solve this problem by yourself. If you cannot identify, then use google or YouTube to know more about the Ip address and its use.